How to maintain productivity when working from home this festive season

Most people look forward to the Christmas holiday, but for those working over the festive period, especially remote employees, it can be a time of uncertainty and chaos. How do you stay productive when your family is on holiday – but you’re not? 

Keep reading for tips to help you make the most of your remote working situation over the festive period. 

Have a family discussion 

Before the festive season begins, organise a family talk to discuss a few rules and boundaries. It’s important to let your family know your availability and schedules to enable them to plan festivities following your schedule – so you’re always available. 

Pro Tip: if you have young children, make a simple rule like ‘if the office door is closed, they can’t come in, but if it’s open, they are welcome any time.’  

Start your work day earlier (if you can) 

If you have a flexible schedule, start your day earlier. Rather than sleeping in and starting at 9.00 am, wake up at 06.00 am and work for three hours – before everyone else wakes up! This way, you can end your day earlier and spend more time with your family. 

Pro Tip: put together a routine that includes a light breakfast and some exercise – but start working no later than 7.00 am. 

Try to isolate from distractions 

If you have a home office with a door – this is a great start! When you close the door, your family should understand you’re busy. However, if you’re living in a small apartment, invest in a pair of noise-cancelling headphones – you should no longer hear the never-ending reruns of Home Alone while trying to do reports. 

Take short breaks 

Now and then, it’s good to step away from your computer and help your children proofread their letters to Santa or have a cookie and some tea while singing some carols with the whole family. Short breaks are encouraged to stay positive and productive – otherwise, your mind could linger and put a dent in your concentration. 


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