Moving House


Store until you`re ready to move

Our self storage units provide a safe place to store all your belongings until you`re ready to move into your new home.  Our units are safe, clean and dry so your goods come out as they went in - free from damp and mildew. If you need anything you have stored in the meantime you can access your storage yourself, whenever you like.  If you`re storing your whole house for a few months whilst you look for the perfect property, we can make access to your goods even easier.  Many of our customers take a large unit for their furniture and a smaller unit for items that they need more regularly such as  clothes for the season, Christmas decorations and children`s toys.

Space to sort

Move things that you don`t need before the big day to avoid stacks of boxes everywhere. Check out our packing tips for some handy hints on how to pack.  For a large house, two months should be enough if you pack one box a day. For smaller homes, one month should be just fine.

Declutter your home

Estate agents recommend that you declutter your house before putting it on the market. It not only gives the impression of more space in your home but also makes it easier for the buyer to visualise their own belongings in the home and actually adds value to your house.  Whether you need to store your collection of Dinky toys or the full size Dalek in your lounge, we have the right sized unit for you.  We don`t tie you into a long contract either so if you get an offer straight away, we need just 2 weeks notice to terminate your contract and will refund back to you any storage you haven’t used.

Reduce your stress!

We make the whole process as easy as possible, from liaising with your removal company to making tea when you move in! If you`re not sure what size unit you need we will advise you – it`s probably less than you think! We also sell lots of packaging from boxes to bubble wrap to make sure everything is packed safely.