Welcome to your new spare room!

If you`re struggling for space for your new baby, your kid`s lego collection or your winter wardrobe rest easy in the knowledge that your things will be kept clean and dry. And access is so quick and easy too!

Sort out your garage or loft!

When it`s time to tackle that job you’ve been meaning to do all year, storage will help you out.  Simply  bring your stuff in, sort it out and move out! We love recycling too and will organise collections from companies such as Refurnish who can take your preloved furniture and make sure that it goes to those in need.  We also support Dartmouth Community Chest who love being given things to sell on their stall or furniture to furnish homes for families with very little.

Life`s difficult times

If you haven`t got a new home sorted yet we can store your belongings until you have,  giving you the flexibility you need.   We can also store your loved one`s things after a bereavement, keeping them safe until you feel  ready to sort them out