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Transform your office by storing paperwork offsite! Decluttering your workspace with indoor self storage not only frees up valuable space but also boosts productivity. Discover how a well-organised office can enhance efficiency and create a more comfortable and functional work environment.

Create space to really get organised

Taking your old invoices, note files, policy documents, sales receipts and other physical documents away from your working office is the first step to making more space and ultimately regaining control of your paperwork. That’s where document storage companies like Indoor Self Storage come in.

Our clean, dry and well-lit storage units provide the ideal environment for going through files and folders without the noise, pressure and general distraction of the office.

Once you have set up an organised system for storing your backlog of paperwork, your office will become much more streamlined and efficient, saving you time and money.

Stay compliant with data protection and tax legislation

While it can be tempting to just throw out old paperwork, it is vital that businesses adhere to the latest data protection, tax and contract legislation.

Many businesses are now using offsite document storage companies like Indoor Self Storage to keep that paperwork secure and accessible.

Although every business will have its specific archive requirements, most documents will need to be stored for at least five to six years, and some may need to be kept indefinitely. You may also be required to keep a backup of your digital data offsite to comply with insurance or company policies.

Organising and labelling your paperwork is just as important. For example, GDPR places a strict time limit on providing a response should customers make a data access request, so you need to know exactly where to find this information.

In all the above cases, it is paramount that your documents are held securely. Indoor Self Storage provides watertight security with all rooms monitored by 24-hour CCTV and protected by fire and smoke alarms. You will be the sole key-holder for your individually alarmed storage room, and the facility is surrounded by a perimeter fence and security gates to keep intruders at bay.

Need archive boxes? Visit our on-site box shop

In response to demand, some document storage companies, including Indoor Self Storage, are stocking archive boxes onsite. Our dedicated archive boxes include panels for easy labelling of your office documents. Decide on a labelling system that works for your business (e.g., by date and document type), purchase the boxes you need from our on-site shop and start creating a stress-free, organised future.

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Declutter and organise your office

If you haven’t organised your office paperwork yet, you probably never will. Taking your old documents into self storage will give you the time and space to declutter and organise.

Flexible room sizes

Whether you want an economical cupboard-sized room to stack your labelled archive files or a large space to thoroughly re-organise your paperwork, we can meet your needs.

Keep sensitive data secure

With clutter comes the risk of losing sensitive customer records or business IP. Avoid hefty fines or competitor threats by storing your documents under alarmed, CCTV protection.

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We understand that a need for storage usually means change which often leads on to a rollercoaster of emotions connected to your past and future. So whether you are moving home, starting university, starting or scaling up a business or downsizing following a bereavement, we will really listen to what you need – over a cuppa if that helps! We have many years behind us of successfully helping customers in your situation and can’t wait to help you free up space in your life.

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Renting a storage room can support your needs by providing that extra space and flexibility just when you need it. We make the whole process simple: from choosing the right size room to helping you organise your move in, we are with you every step of the way.

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