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When organising viewings, you want to give prospective buyers an idea of the space and opportunity available to them. If your rooms are full of your personal possessions and general household clutter, this can be distracting and even make visitors feel they are intruding.

Self-storage is the perfect solution. Our convenient storage facilities are designed to make it easy for homeowners like you to quickly and safely store furniture and household items. With a minimum storage term of two weeks and a range of differently sized storage rooms, we have the flexibility to meet your specific needs.

Your valuable possessions will be safely locked away and protected with 24h CCTV plus fire and smoke alarms.

Open up space for viewings

Restricted space and rooms full of personal possessions can put off potential buyers. Make the most of every viewing by removing excess clutter.

Sort through and get organised

Many customers have used our storage rooms to thoroughly sort through their possessions while their house is on the market. Decide what you want to keep, sell or recycle.

Streamline your onward move

If your property sells before your new home is ready, use self storage to manage the gap. Store with us for as little as two weeks.

What plans do you have once you’ve sold your home? Self storage will help you ease the pressure of planning and organising your next move by providing you with a temporary safe space for all of your household items. Rather than transporting everything in one go, you can stagger your move to suit your schedule. You can even use our storage rooms to organise and declutter while you wait for completion.

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"Excellent storage facilities clean and tidy, extremely friendly and informative staff. Would recommend it to anyone."
James Quinn
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We understand that a need for storage usually means change which often leads on to a rollercoaster of emotions connected to your past and future. So whether you are moving home, starting university, starting or scaling up a business or downsizing following a bereavement, we will really listen to what you need – over a cuppa if that helps! We have many years behind us of successfully helping customers in your situation and can’t wait to help you free up space in your life.

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Are you a business looking to securely store your tools and equipment or archive sensitive documents? Perhaps you are an online business in need of somewhere to hold your stock, or a small business looking to store some excess inventory. Whatever your business needs, our storage rooms are the ideal solution, allowing you the extra space you need to run and grow your business with the flexibility to scale up or down whenever you need.

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