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Storage of personal items often presents a dilemma for Airbnb and holiday let hosts.

While many homeowners set aside dedicated storage space, this reduces the area available to guests. Indoor self storage is a flexible alternative that will help you maximise the space available to your paying guests.

Clean and secure storage for Airbnb and holiday let hosts

With Indoor Self Storage, you will be given your own secure room in our purpose-built facility. You will benefit from a clean, dry and well-maintained environment; convenient access, with plenty of loading/unloading space; 24 hour CCTV monitoring and smoke and fire alarms.

Only you will have a key to your storage room, and our generous access arrangements will make it easy for you to move items in and out on your schedule. You can even use our storage rooms as a space to organise and declutter your household items.

A safe space for valuables and cleaning supplies

Leaving your valuables and sentimental items at home can be a worry even if you have secured them in a safe or locked room. By completely removing family photographs, silverware, crystal sets, sensitive documents, etc., you and your family can enjoy greater peace of mind while renting out your property.

Indoor self storage can also be an ideal place to store bulk cleaning supplies, tools and paint.

As flexible as your terms

The sharing economy relies on adapting to customer needs, so indoor storage for Airbnb hosts needs to be equally flexible. With a minimum storage duration of just two weeks, Indoor Self Storage can help you accommodate short-term demand without losing money on long-term contracts.

Make the most of your available space

By providing storage for Airbnb hosts, we do more than solve a problem, we give them a competitive advantage.

By moving personal items, bulk cleaning supplies and general clutter out, you will be freeing up more space for your guests to enjoy. Rather than locking up rooms, attics and garages for storage purposes, you can explore opening up these areas to your guests.

This can contribute to a feeling of freedom and enjoyment that translates into better reviews and more guests in the future.

5 star rating
"8+ Months of Secure Storage at very reasonable cost. Thoroughly recommended"
Mark Stephens

More living space for guests

Give your paying guests the space to relax and explore. Happy customers are more likely to leave glowing reviews and return in the future.

Keep personal belongings safe

Save yourself unnecessary stress by removing your valuable and sentimental items to a clean, dry and secure storage room. Take the opportunity to organise and declutter.

No long-term contracts

We won’t lock you in to months of storage at a time. Store from as little as two weeks and scale up and down as necessary.

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We understand that a need for storage usually means change which often leads on to a rollercoaster of emotions connected to your past and future. So whether you are moving home, starting university, starting or scaling up a business or downsizing following a bereavement, we will really listen to what you need – over a cuppa if that helps! We have many years behind us of successfully helping customers in your situation and can’t wait to help you free up space in your life.

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