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It is often challenging to store sports equipment at home, especially heavy items or those which are easily damaged. Storing sports equipment outside poses a different set of problems with heavy duty containers often in remote areas. Indoor storage rooms offer a novel solution.

Storing sports equipment at home

Many homeowners store their personal sports equipment in a garage, shed, attic or cellar when they’re not using it. If the equipment is bulky or there is a lot of it, this can severely restrict the space available for other household items and activities.

Leaving expensive sports equipment lying around can also put it at risk of being damaged or misplaced by family members and friends.

Outdoor sports storage containers

Keeping sports equipment clean, dry and secure outdoors is even more difficult. Many companies offer secure sports storage containers for outdoor use, including reconditioned shipping containers aimed at schools and sports clubs. There are fewer options for storing personal sports equipment, and those that do exist usually offer little protection from a determined thief or vandal.

Indoor self storage facilities are the ideal solution for storing valuable or seasonal sports equipment out of harm’s way until you need it.

Our well-maintained, covered storage facilities are protected by perimeter fencing, gates and security lighting. Only you can access your storage room, and your sports equipment will be protected by 24-hour monitored CCTV and fire and smoke alarms.

Pay only for the space you need

Unlike ‘one size fits all’ sports storage containers, we offer a range of different room sizes. So whether you’re storing an expensive set of golf clubs, your paddleboard or a pair of mountain bikes, we can help you select the most economical room.

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Reclaim your garage space

Sports equipment can quickly turn a spacious garage or shed into a cluttered source of frustration. Restore harmony with indoor self storage.

Prevent theft and accidental damage

Keeping sports equipment safe from harm is tricky in the home, while storing it outdoors can attract opportunist thieves or vandals. Indoor self storage provides a secure alternative.

Short or long-term storage

Whether you’re stowing a kayak for the winter or some fishing equipment during a short break, we can accommodate you. Store with us for as little as two weeks.

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We understand that a need for storage usually means change which often leads on to a rollercoaster of emotions connected to your past and future. So whether you are moving home, starting university, starting or scaling up a business or downsizing following a bereavement, we will really listen to what you need – over a cuppa if that helps! We have many years behind us of successfully helping customers in your situation and can’t wait to help you free up space in your life.

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