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We all deal with bereavement differently. Some want to sort out the deceased’s belongings as quickly as possible. Others prefer to take their time.

We can provide you with a clean, dry and accessible holding space for your loved one’s possessions, giving you time to agree on a way forward.

Space and time to think

The immediate aftermath of bereavement can be chaotic. While attempting to manage their grief, families are hurried into arranging a funeral, co-ordinating family and friends and often selling the deceased’s home.

This can lead to a sense of urgency, with family members rushing to sell or dispose of their loved one’s possessions, only to regret it later.

Indoor Self Storage offers you a clean, private and secure space away from the stress and turmoil. Whether you need a couple of weeks to organise and distribute the deceased’s belongings or several months to go through each item in your own time, the choice is yours.

Keep valuables secure during probate

Sadly, valuable items such as antiques, artwork, jewellery and silverware can be vulnerable to burglary following a death. Then there is the process of distributing these valuables which can become complicated and stressful, especially if items are spread over multiple locations.

It can make sense for the executor or estate administrator to move all valuable assets into an indoor self storage room. As the sole key-holder, they can then take responsibility for organising their distribution to heirs and beneficiaries following estate settlement.

All storage rooms are protected by 24-hour monitored CCTV plus fire and smoke alarms. The facility itself is surrounded by a secure perimeter fence and access through the security gate is via a PIN code.

Easy access for family members

Container storage units can be difficult to access and are often in remote areas and open to the elements.

Our facilities in Dartmouth and Totnes are highly visible, conveniently situated and easy to access. We provide ample space to park, large loading bays and on-site moving aids, such as platform, sack and pallet trucks.

Our friendly and empathic team will be on hand to help ease the stress of this difficult time.

5 star rating
"Both the Helens were extremely helpful and available on the phone etc. The storage was very clean and easy to use."
Mr N Derrick

Take time to plan

Rather than rush to sell or give away a loved one’s possessions, move them into our clean, dry and secure storage rooms.

Visit at your convenience

Our facility is open 7 days a week, so you can visit when it suits you. Go through your loved one’s possessions in private and in your own time.

Simplify estate settlement

Audit and keep valuable items secure during probate. After settlement, distribute assets to heirs and beneficiaries from one convenient location.

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Ready to get started?

We understand that a need for storage usually means change which often leads on to a rollercoaster of emotions connected to your past and future. So whether you are moving home, starting university, starting or scaling up a business or downsizing following a bereavement, we will really listen to what you need – over a cuppa if that helps! We have many years behind us of successfully helping customers in your situation and can’t wait to help you free up space in your life.

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