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An office renovation is a mammoth undertaking with many moving parts. You have to stay within budget, oversee each project, protect your equipment, liaise with designers, and ensure your staff have a comfortable working space during the renovations. That’s a lot to handle. But if you get it right, your new office can improve productivity and provide enough space for your company to grow. To make the process easier and more efficient, we’ve compiled a list of things to consider when planning an office renovation:  

  1. Choose eco-friendly materials

Today, having a sustainable business is no longer optional but a requirement that governments and customers hold you to. When planning an office renovation, make sustainability a priority and select materials that are eco-friendly and long lasting. Likewise, your design decisions should be centred around renewables and include energy-efficient alternatives with the aim of decreasing your business’s carbon footprint.  

  1. Make sure your staff are comfortable 

An office renovation can be incredibly disruptive. There will be workers coming in and out, loud drilling and lots of dust and dirt. To ensure the project doesn’t negatively impact your employees and their productivity, you need to have a back-up space where they can work comfortably until the renovations are complete.  

  1. Plan ahead

Think about the future and where you hope your business will be. Do you plan on hiring new staff or introducing specialised departments? If so, make sure your new office has space to accommodate this growth. This expansion will not only affect seating in the office, but the recreational spaces and other facilities like toilets. Sit down with your architects and design team and see how you can make the most of your space and where you will need to build on.  

  1. Set a realistic deadline

Renovations are notorious for being lengthy, unpredictable projects. A delay in an office renovation can send your budget through the roof, especially if you’re renting a temporary office or storage space. To avoid any costly delays, set a timeline for your renovation project and stick to it. Hire a project manager and check in with your renovation team on a regular basis to make sure they are on track to finish on time.  

  1. Consider your budget

Speaking of budget, between buying new office furniture, equipment and paying contractors, you can easily spend your entire budget in a few weeks. When taking on such a large-scale renovation, it’s crucial that you get accurate quotes and create a realistic budget. Keep track of all the money going out and leave some wiggle room for errors and unexpected costs because there almost certainly will be.  

  1. Protect your equipment

Lastly, protect all your office equipment and furniture. With people coming in and out all day, it’s not uncommon for items to be damaged, lost or stolen. To ensure your items are protected throughout, consider placing them in a secure storage facility close by. Most self storage facilities are geared towards renovations, offering flexible leases and spacious units for large equipment.  

If you’re in need of a secure storage space for your office furniture and equipment, Indoor Self Storage is like a 5-star hotel for your belongings. Our modern and secure facilities offer secure business storage for all your needs with the added flexibility to increase or decrease your space whenever you need. Visit our stores in Totnes and Dartmouth, or give us a call on 01803 835777 to learn more.  

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