Indoor Self Storage
Love your stuff? We'll take care of it.

Do you have excess stock, documents and office supplies taking up space in your office or home? If so, it might be time to consider renting a storage unit. 

Storage units can benefit entrepreneurs and business owners in several ways! From acting as extra space for storing inventory and office supplies to a safe place to file important records and documents, if you find your office space cluttered and cramped, keep reading for a few ways self storage can benefit your business: 

Flexible lease agreements 

Storage facilities provide the extra space you need by growing with your business. Indoor Self Storage boasts no long-term leases, with the added flexibility of increasing or decreasing your unit when needed. 

Pro Tip: most eCommerce businesses will increase the size of their unit over the festive period for bulk stock and decrease again when things start to slow down. 

Expand easily 

Businesses always need room to grow. Instead of renting additional office space and incurring additional monthly overheads, consider a storage unit. Free up space for more furniture and staff as your business expands. 

Our Commercial Storage option allows you to store surplus stock, supplies and more! 

Security and safety 

Storing important documents and inventory in a storage unit can be safer than storing them at home or the office. With us, your storage unit will have its own alarm, and you’ll be given a personal PIN to access our store. Our facilities also have perimeter fencing, 24-hour CCTV and smoke alarms. 

Boosts productivity 

Having a decluttered office and workspace is the root of productivity. Walking into an office first thing in the morning to sort through mountains of paperwork or push furniture around to get to your desk is any business owner or employee’s nightmare. 

Store documents and excess furniture with our Business Storage options! 

Convenient access 

Storage facilities are often located in easily accessible parts of town and have flexible access hours. Complete a rush delivery with Indoor Self Storage. We have stores in Totnes and Dartmouth and provide convenient access hours to our customers seven days a week. 


Whether you’re a growing start-up or a well-established enterprise, save on renting additional office space with our Business Storage solutions! We boast safe and secure storage units for all your documents, excess furniture and equipment – call us on 01803 835777 to learn more! 

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