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The Christmas holidays are a time for family, friends and presents. However, it can also be stressful – especially if you’re downsizing. From decluttering and making lists to donating and reminiscing with your family while you pack, here are a few tips to remember if you’re downsizing this winter. 


A clear-out is always the first step to downsizing because a small apartment won’t hold everything from a house with four bedrooms. Organise your items into piles, such as “donate” and “keep”. Experts call it a ‘house detox’ – and the kitchen is always a good place to start.  

Pro Tip: if your new home is too small for a few sentimental items, offer them to the young generations in your family – or rent a storage unit with Indoor Self Storage. 

Have a ‘To Do’ list 

Write down everything you need to do – before your move! Include every step, schedule and shopping trip and ensure you stick to it. This will relieve you of most of your stress while acting as a reminder, making sure everything you need to get done – gets done. 

Donate or sell items 

Instead of throwing away duplicate items or items you no longer use because you don’t have space, consider donating to a local charity or selling them online.   

Pro Tip: if you sell items – the money could go towards your moving costs. 

Hire a removals service 

From having someone else do your packing to ensuring your items get from A to B safely, hire a removals service to relieve your load – and stress. 

Pro Tip: to cut costs, rope in your friends and family to help with your move instead of a removals service – they can help with the commute and sorting through memories. 

Digitise documents and photos 

If you have old photos or documents you need to or want to keep, upload them onto a hard drive so you can view them on your computer anytime – saving you some cupboard space. 

Pro Tip: scan all your receipts and save them in a folder on your computer so you can throw away the paper copies. 

Store keepsakes, valuables and furniture for future generations with Indoor Self Storage – to avoid cluttering your new and improved downsized home. 

Call us on 01803 835777 or visit our Downsizing Storage Solutions to learn more! 

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